Its main objective is to provide an international exchange of students, volunteers and professionals to develop humanitarian actions with CIAF.

In addition to the activities developed with the users of this NGO, these exchange students develop activities to train our employees, volunteers and trainees in English or French depending on the country of origin.

This group also includes collaborators who voluntarily translate our documents into French and English.

Between Two Terrs and Albej.

Continuing the project OBRA’sil, the partnership between the CIAF and two French associations of the city of Lille (North of France) Between two Lands and Workshop Young and Sharing.

Following the same format already achieved before the young students join the youth of the Workshop for the development of a humanitarian action.

Shelter: Paul René Gelly

For years now the CIAF has been receiving visitors and collaborators with the goal of undertanding ” in real time” the result of our actions and the reality faced by our children.

Initially, we accommodated groups of participants on many occasions in our semi-built headquarters.

In later years, we received many collaborators, had no accommodations but we were able to house them with offers from hotel partners of the CIAF.

With the partnership of Laval University in Québec, we were finally able to create an appropriate venue for receiving participants.

With the creation of the Paul René Gelly Shelter and the renovations and modifications made, we are now able to welcome friends, collaborators and participants.

As of today, we have:

  • 01 apartment with full bathroom – for men – with a 6 person capacity.
  • 01 apartment with full bathroom for women – with a 6 person capacity
  • 01 kitchen
  • 01 dining room able to sit 12 persons
  • 01 a living area (future garden)
  • 01 entertainment area with TV and wireless Internet service
  • 01 laudromat with a sink

In order to maintain the tribute to Paul René Gelly, Father Guy, Allain and Jean-Pierre Gelly ( their funds enabled the building of the original shelter) we are happy to keep the name of the venue and only change its mandate.