Our Foundation:

Friends who wanted to provide professional expertise to socially and financially disadvantaged people, founded the Integrated Center of Family Support (ICFS) in May 1996.Since 1997, Dr. Wilson Lins de Oliveira Junior organized the rental of a house that would host theI CFS until September 2007; this date marked the possession of the organisation own Centre.

International Exchange with France and Canada

Through Professor LizeteLins de Oliveira and father Mauricio Parant (both members of the movement promoting the women of Recife), we met the associations “Nest Movement” and “Team’s Nest”, which proposed to ICFS to make exchanges with NGOs and GOs of Paris, Lille, Lyon and Marseille.

Then in 2006, the same model was presented to the Congregation of the Good Shepherd of Quebec in Canada, who organised an exchange between the ICFS and the cities of Montréal and Québec.

Our main focus is to promote exchanges with structures such as:

  1. Homes for children at risk
  2. Family planning for youth
  3. Homes for young mothers
  4. Centers working on public roads (transportation)
  5. Homes for the homeless
  6. Shelters for victims of prostitution
  7. Centers for drug users
  8. Centers for young offenders
  9. Agencies for child protection
  10. Youth training centers
  11. Associations fighting against the sexual exploitation of children
  12. Organizations promoting sustainable development