The Benefits:

We are looking as much as possible to give back to our beneficiaries the products and services that are offered by third parties.

Food Aid:

We intervene primarily with pregnant women, children and adolescents who attend the ICFS programs and who show signs of dietary deficiencies.Most of the time, we redirect food donations from our donors and, diligently, we seek other donations to assist more specific cases, reported by our social service of the ICFS.

Foster Home Berçário (for young single mothers and their children):

At the death of Mr. Paul René Gelly, his son Prof. Guy Gelly, launched an appeal to allocate the moniesthat could be spent on flowers for the funeral, be given in the form of cash donations, which would then be used to build the Foster HomeBerçárioof the ICFS.

This would thereby enable the commencement of the construction of the foster home designed specifically to accommodate children and teenage mothers so that they could attend the ICFS and enjoy the services that the center would offer. Childcare in a protected structure would allow the mothers not to worry about the safety of their children playing in the “favela” slums.

This situation has already arisen on the death of Ms. Gelly, which thanks to the appeal of Paul René Gellygave to the community of Três Carneiros (in Greater Recife, where Prof. Guy Gellywas working) to make possible the construction of a well, which significantly improved the living conditions of the community.

During the visit of Mr. René Paul Gelly in the community of Três Carneiros, the latter exclaimed: “Death brought life.”

Newborn Kits:

We assist pregnant women who participate in the follow-up sessions conducted by psychologists and social services of the center.

In most cases, we work with partners who provide kits, where some parts are produced by our industrial sewing workshop.


In partnership with French NGOs that provide toothbrushes, and through educational activities in the field of orthodontics ICFS, we seek to promote good habits of oral hygiene with our children.Toothbrushes are always distributed in educational dynamics.

Building Materials:

Many friends and supporters of ICFS promote this action and succeed with their suppliers to make donations of building materials and services to profit the construction of our headquarters.

School Supplies:

French school children and adolescents mobilize themselvesto organize collections of school supplies from their establishment and from their colleagues to make donations to the ICFS.


As soon as our users solicit us on this matter, we reply to the requestin very simple and objective answer. In many cases, we have the support of laboratories and pharmacists who will provide us with the original products.We will rarely buy drugs and medications given our limited financial resources.

Family Planning:

It’s our main objective to promote the prevention of early pregnancies.

The family planning program provides free injectable contraceptives, speaks to teenagers at risk of pregnancy, and all supervised by professional of ICFS.

Renovation of Barracks:

With the support of the Portuguese community in the Basilica of St. Denis (France), we have set up a brick manufacture. The main objective was to replace the barracks of some of our children with homes.Pilot project: a family of 4 people (a couple with two children) were all sleeping in the same room. After the completion of this project, each member had its own room, which avoided overcrowding, which often lead to sexual abuse.

Used Clothing:

As soon as we receive donations of used clothes we make a refined selection. Then with the help of volunteers and our industrial sewing workshop, we carry out the necessary repairs towards a second life, and then the garments are redistributed according to the needs of our beneficiaries or through occasional bazaars in the neighbourhood.In our clothing donation campaigns, we seek to meet the needs that have been submitted by our clients. Any surpluses are stored for emergencies.


Following the Kombi vehicle donation offered by the Central Geral do Dízimo (Pró Vida), not only did we react to certain cases of transfer of pregnant women (laboratory tests and ultra-sounds), our team was able to enlarge its areas of intervention, such as home visits, attendance at external events, and movements of part of the team for some support, etc. We also took the children into outings and events.

Transport Coupons:

We also wish to intervene with beneficiaries who are far away from ICFS and who need our services and activities. Also, like other services, transport coupons are provided according to certain criteria, because they can be traded in the neighbourhood with drinks, cigarettes and even drugs, becoming a bargaining chip in the community.