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The Code (short for “The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”) is a multi-stakeholder initiative


Thank you for supporting the ICFS

Thank you for supporting the ICFS

ICFS is financed mainly by collaborations with friends and collaborators.
These donations must be made by bank transfer or registered check.
Never in cash unless directly with the board.
It’s important to keep in mind that we do not collect money or food door-to-door, so be careful not to be scammed, some of our shares have their own financial backers, or signed agreements or support groups. in Recife).
If you wish to participate in one of these support groups for specific actions, please send an email to the Council requesting information.

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Bank – Caixa Economica Federal
Agency – 2949
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Name: Associação Centro Integrado de Apoio Familiar – ACIAF
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If you prefer to send your donation by mail, send a check payable to the Integrated Family Support Center Association at our address below:

Address: D. António Meireles Street, 52 – R / C – 4250-054 – Porto – Portugal

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ICFS always works ethically, preserving the privacy of its donors and will not share any of your data.



ICFS Switzerland – Genève

Jaqueline FERREIRA
Phone: 41 787 432 002

Phone: 41 787 168 494

E-mail: ciafch@ciaforg.net

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World Cup 2014

Here are some figures on our action during the World Cup.

Number of volunteers: 14 (1 driver + 1 coordinator + 12 delivery men).
Working days: Saturday and Sunday
Number of days: 12 days
Time of day: morning and afternoon
Location: beaches of the city of Recife and kiosks
Number of people targeted: 144,000 people
Materials used: plastic cups
Materials for volunteers: shirts, food, bus tickets


1) the rain. During the months of June and July in the north of Brazil it rains a lot. unlike the southeast. cold and dry. at this time that is winter.

2) Schools have been closed at the request of FIFA. It is written in the Law of the World Cup signed by President Dilma.

During the World Cup, we could not visit the schools to guide the children.



Recife is a popular tourist town, and for this reason, it pays the price by making a prosper exploitation of children and adolescents.

After watching a scene involving a 12-year-old child living in extreme vulnerability on the beach of Boa Viagem, Dr. Wilson Lins de Oliveira Junior decided to take
action to protect children on the same beach.

Right away, in the month of August 2002, seeking to develop a strong action in this area, the ICFS, inspired by the code of ECPAT-International, has formed a group of volunteers,sharing the same line of ideas to act on Boa Viagem beach to inform swimmers, vendors, and owners of commercial kiosks, the importance of developing prevention regarding the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the travel and tourist stays. This mission is coordinated locally by Mr. Wilson Lins Oliveira Junior, following the directives of the general coordination unit of the ICFS of Ribeirao Preto, in the state of São Paulo.

Information to Bathers, Owners of Commercial Kiosks, Questionnaires, Code of Conduct, Children and Adolescents Selling on the Beaches, Professional
Certification and Airport Information.


Information from bathers

It is important for civilians to realize that we have to intervene in all situations, as long as there is suspicion about a child, especially the small beach vendors. This action is now greatly facilitated, since we have a tool now indispensable: the mobile phone. Denouncing these acts in real time can help to apprehend the culprit in flagrante delicto.

The owners of barracks

Because they are very often the point of reference for many tourists, some owners or employees of kiosks develop activities that involve young people, for sexual purposes. We seek to alert them to the harms of such reprehensible and completely illegal practices, as they victimize and compromise the future of our children. We offer them T-shirts and hats with our slogans, so that they become active members of our operations.


In order to better know the children and teenagers who sell on Boa Viagem beach, we submitted a questionnaire to them. In this way, we want to know the links they have with the school, the composition of their families, the reasons that push them to sell on the beach, their aspirations.

Driving Chart

In a joint action with the hotel “Jangadeiro”, the CIAF has disclosed the code of conduct for the prevention of commercial exploitation of children and adolescents in a context of travel and tourism, through a partnership with the ABIH -PE (Brazilian Hotel Industry Association) and RC & VB (Recife Convention and Visitors Bureasu). Thus, we have been able to work in the very heart of hotels that have adhered to this code.

Children and teenagers selling on the beaches

It is important to know that they are targets of sexual exploiters, and that they are victims of harassment. Their attitude towards these situations is therefore decisive for their safety. Pimps do not use violent methods but use seduction to ensure the trust of their victims. Also, the CIAF has published a leaflet explaining to children how to differentiate between a GOOD tourist and a possible CHILD EXPLOITOR (Pedophile = pedofilia).

Certification of professionals

The certification of professionals began in 2000 (at the first seminar Brazil – France on the prevention of prostitution) with the actors Bernard Lemettre (Nest Movement – Clichy), Patricia LEGER and Bernadette ROCHER (Amicale du Nest – Paris and Marseille) and Norbert RICHERT Councilor at the Prefecture of Lille).

From 2002 to 2004, it was through a partnership with the Children’s Court of Créteil (Greater Paris Region), that the President Marie-Dominique VERGEZ visited us several times so that we could present to different professionals the French model of child protection.

In 2005 began an exchange between magistrates of the childhood court of the Pernambuco region and Mrs. VERGEZ.

Information at the airport

Using a simple and objective approach, CIAF members distribute bilingual leaflets (English / French) to passengers on international flights.

These materials include texts that we write with the ECA and inform about the prohibition of sexual activities with children and adolescents in our country.



ICFS in Containers

Currently, there is a growing need for us to complete the construction of the missing areas. Some sectors will notably generate funds for the NGO. At the moment reception and treatment rooms are working in an improvised way in other rooms so that we can continue to answer the request of the public who solicits us.

With the completion of the construction of the sectors that we miss at CIAF (MODULE 01 Reception room and treatment rooms,

03 maritime containers that will be transformed and adapted to our needs.

With all the operating units the ICFS will be able to double its capacity of care, that is to say, we can answer approximately 120 people per day.