Social Tourism Project (PTS) differs from “commercial” tourism mainly because of its objective, work with humanitarian projects, and the project has 25% to 40% lower prices than those practiced in the market.

ICFS created the STP as a way of generating funds to maintain other humanitarian actions.

In the social segment of the PTS, Recife, Ribeirão Preto and Brasilia are the cities that develop those practices, and in the tourist segment of PTS any city in the country can be chosen.

Who can join this project? Any citizen over 18 years old who complies with the protocols indicated by the Brazilian legislation.

Tourists are not obligated to do any humanitarian project through PTS and it is up to each traveler to decide if they are willing or not to be a part of it. Either way they will be helping the cause.

Finally, through PTS you go sightseeing in a tropical country, beautiful beaches, rich folklore, exotic cuisine and above all you collaborate with humanitarian actions by exercising your citizenship.