Explanatory Note: The action described below is part of the CIAF-PT priorities for implementation in Portugal. Considering the appropriate adjustments to be made.

In December of 2014, after Wilson Lins de Oliveira and Antonio Trindades Henrique Neto visited cancer patients support house helped by a former student of Colégio Marista São Luís High School, the Engineer Mario Flávio, they decided to criate a fund group, made by students’ of 1977 class. The group was nominated CSL-77.

The same thing happened with former classmates of medicine school, class 1983.Wilson and Antonio called the second group FCM-83.

Both groups today have a total of 32 members, that make monthly donations and benefit 15 kids and 83 elderlies.

It is ICFS responsibility to evaluate the associations to be supported, as well as manage the CSL-77 and FCM-83 funds.