Promotional Events:

The ICFS promotes for fund raise some events, such as lunches and dinners that promote our actions, while allowing participants to become members. At these events, we are also selling products from our crafts to help us generate financial funds.

Events for professionals:

Those events are designed to promote professional enrichment. We always look for renowned professionals for the lectures.

Sporadic campaigns for donations. The ICFS in some situations request emergency donations.

Associates group:

Aiming to gather a group of associates that will fund the expenses that are not covered by international or national funds. The donations will be made monthly and the associates will choose the amount they want to donate. Donations will be made by deposit.

Appeals for Donations:

The main objective of these awareness campaigns is to get donations such as toothbrushes, toys, pens, and all types of material likely to be offered or used by children and adolescents during our activities.