ICFS Portugal – Cidade do Porto

Adress: Rua D. António Meireles, 52 – R/C
4250-054 – Porto

Phone: +351 228 314 158
Mobile. +351 917 840 004

E-mail: ciafpt@ciaforg.net

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ICFS Switzerland – Genève

Jaqueline FERREIRA
Phone: 41 787 432 002

Phone: 41 787 168 494

E-mail: ciafch@ciaforg.net

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ICFS Canada – Montreal

Phone: 00 1 064 840 8310

E-mail: ciafca@ciaforg.net

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ICFS France – Saint Denis

Pedro MAGANO –
Phone: 33 622 654 986

Phone: 33 148 210 079

E-mail: ciaffr@ciaforg.net

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Its main objective is to provide an international exchange of students, volunteers and professionals to develop humanitarian actions along with ICFS.

In addition to the activities developed by the association, these exchange students will develop a training for locals employees, volunteers and trainees in English or French depending on the country of origin.

This group also includes volunteers that translate our documents into French and English.


Social Tourism

Social Tourism Project (PTS) differs from “commercial” tourism mainly because of its objective, work with humanitarian projects, and the project has 25% to 40% lower prices than those practiced in the market.

ICFS created the STP as a way of generating funds to maintain other humanitarian actions.

In the social segment of the PTS, Recife, Ribeirão Preto and Brasilia are the cities that develop those practices, and in the tourist segment of PTS any city in the country can be chosen.

Who can join this project? Any citizen over 18 years old who complies with the protocols indicated by the Brazilian legislation.

Tourists are not obligated to do any humanitarian project through PTS and it is up to each traveler to decide if they are willing or not to be a part of it. Either way they will be helping the cause.

Finally, through PTS you go sightseeing in a tropical country, beautiful beaches, rich folklore, exotic cuisine and above all you collaborate with humanitarian actions by exercising your citizenship.


Humanitarian actions

Explanatory Note: The action described below is part of the CIAF-PT priorities for implementation in Portugal. Considering the appropriate adjustments to be made.

In December of 2014, after Wilson Lins de Oliveira and Antonio Trindades Henrique Neto visited cancer patients support house helped by a former student of Colégio Marista São Luís High School, the Engineer Mario Flávio, they decided to criate a fund group, made by students’ of 1977 class. The group was nominated CSL-77.

The same thing happened with former classmates of medicine school, class 1983.Wilson and Antonio called the second group FCM-83.

Both groups today have a total of 32 members, that make monthly donations and benefit 15 kids and 83 elderlies.

It is ICFS responsibility to evaluate the associations to be supported, as well as manage the CSL-77 and FCM-83 funds.



Promotional Events:

The ICFS promotes for fund raise some events, such as lunches and dinners that promote our actions, while allowing participants to become members. At these events, we are also selling products from our crafts to help us generate financial funds.

Events for professionals:

Those events are designed to promote professional enrichment. We always look for renowned professionals for the lectures.

Sporadic campaigns for donations. The ICFS in some situations request emergency donations.

Associates group:

Aiming to gather a group of associates that will fund the expenses that are not covered by international or national funds. The donations will be made monthly and the associates will choose the amount they want to donate. Donations will be made by deposit.

Appeals for Donations:

The main objective of these awareness campaigns is to get donations such as toothbrushes, toys, pens, and all types of material likely to be offered or used by children and adolescents during our activities.


Code of Conduct

The ICFS implemented, based on the ECPAT International Code, and with the support of the BAHI-PE and of the RC & VB, the “code of conduct for the protection and the fight against sexual exploitation of children in travel tourism in the city of Recife’’.

ABHI-PE: Brazilian Association of The Hospitality Industry – State of Pernambuco RC & VB: Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau.

This project was evaluated by Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) at the request of brazilian Tourism Ministry. After several steps, including a site visit to assess the feasibility of the project, ICFS was awarded the Prize for Social Responsibility. The Tourism ministry , FGV and WCF (World Children Foundation) aiming to identify actions that effectively fight against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents victims of tourism.

Access book published by Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV):

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Beneficent Dinners

Promote philanthropic events in order to raise funds for our actions and to support projects of other associations of equal content that are suitable in Portugal or abroad.