1st Portuguese Congress for the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Travel and Tourism

Held on May 18, 19 and 20, 2018.

At this Congress our main objectives were:

  • Promote the articulation of various structures of civil society and government aimed at preventing ESCCA in travel and tourism.
  • To reaffirm the commitment to build and stimulate a culture of prevention and intervention for the integral protection of children and adolescents.
  • Promote and favor the implementation of The Code in the tourist trade and similar.
    Contribute to the training of future tourism professionals.SPEAKERS
    We will try to make a pool of information about the ESCCA reason why each speaker will have an expertise in a particular way of coping with this serious problem, as well as all have a wide experience in the ways of the integral protection of childhood and adolescence.

Judge of the Family Court and Minors of Porto

ECPAT (global network against ESCCA and trafficking of children)

The Code (Code against ESCCA in travel and tourism)

Fondation Scelles (Youth prostitution and trafficking prostitution)

CIAF Brazil (Code of Conduct in Portugal)

May 18 Friday
19h30 – Accreditation
20h00 – Opening and Presentation of the Speakers
20h30 – Court of Family and Minors of Porto Measures to protect children against sexual exploitation 21h30 – Closing of the first day

May 19th Saturday
8:30 – ECPAT International (Thailand) ECPAT a global network to combat sexual exploitation and trafficking of children
10h00 – Interval
10h30 – Discussion
12h00 – Lunch
14h00 – THE CODE (Thailand) A Code of Social Responsibility in Tourism
15h30 – Interval
16h00 – Discussion
17h30 – Closing of the second day

May 20 Sunday
8h30 – Fondation. SCELLES (France) Advances in extraterritorial legislation for sex crimes with children
10h00 – Interval
10h30 – Discussion
12h00 – Lunch
14h00 – CIAF (Brazil) Code of Conduct in Tourism in Recife
15h00 – Delivery of Certificates
15h30 – Closing

Every day, more and more children around the world are subjected to commercial sexual exploitation. Integrated action at the local, national and international levels is required to address this phenomenon. The main challenge for each country is to carry out what is described in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to promote full protection. The eradication of poverty will be a great step to intercede in the growth of the ESCCA, as it remains one of the main reasons why children are exploited, and this fight falls to the competent sectors.The articulation between the different segments of society is one of the main weapons against ESCCA, as well as one of the challenges to be overcome, since it demands a perfect interlocution between the various agents of protection. Encourage local and national governments to create public policies for comprehensive child protection. A great challenge will be to promote an exchange of experiences, even if international, aimed at developing the culture of ESCCA prevention in Portugal. As one of the main tourist destinations in the world Portugal needs to promote and disseminate internationally its concern with ESCCA in travel and tourism, thus rejecting international networks of abusers.

Encourage in all partners and participants the culture of ESCCA prevention in travel and tourism, so widely related to Sustainable Tourism today. To promote cooperation between Civil Society and Government structures so that Portugal is recognized worldwide as a Clean tourist destination in relation to ESCCA in travel and tourism. That the relevant sectors review and revise, when necessary, the laws, public policies, programs and practices to eliminate ESCCA. The Congress will issue a Letter of Intent to collaborate in the development of programs and actions that guarantee the rights of children, based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations and other relevant instruments, with the objective of eradicating ESCCA in all their forms.