After our first contact with a local ONG – Qualify to Include (QPI) for which ICFS Brazil did some actions to raise funds and subsequent donations of bureaucratic technical materials, we began our process and evaluate the possibilities of installing ourselves in the city of Porto.

The current situation of Portugal in the face of international tourism, with several awards as the best tourist destination, contributed to the decision to found ICFS Portugal.

The ICFS Portugal has as its statutory objectives:

Promote philanthropic events to raise funds for their actions, as well as support projects of other associations of equal content;

Promote local, national and international educational campaigns on current and public interest topics;

Develop actions against commercial and sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism in line with ECPAT International’s code of conduct;

Promote good practices and campaigns to prevent pregnancy in adolescents;

Promote campaigns and actions to prevent the violation of children and adolescents rights;

Stimulate the youth professional development the exchange through our projects.

The ICFS Portugal, like the other ICFSs, is a civil society association, philanthropic and non-profit organization. All the financial resources collected in its actions are invested in the ONG’s actions.