The ICFS was inspired by the Social Tourism Project executed several times by the French ONG Atelier Jeunes et Partage of ABEJ.

This project has as main objective the professional exchange as well as humanitarian actions.

Through this action professionals (with basic fluency in Portuguese language) were welcomed by ICFS partners and developed actions in their internship fields.

The internships are initially EXTRA CURRICULAR form, in which the student uses his vacation to do so.

Ribeirão Preto, Recife and Brasilia are our current cities receiving interns.

Psychology, Social Work, Tourism, Electrical Engineering and Agronomy are the main fields for the interships.

The internship program will be guided by the ICFS.

The internships have a duration of 90 days, which is the visa allowance for tourists in Brazil. The student can apply every year, if he/she wants to.

Only students over 18 years old are allowed to the project, legal age for some of Brazilians formalities.

These internships are only for students over the age of 18, the oldest in Brazil, and will be within the formalities of the immigration agencies of the two countries.