Project Tourism Social (PTS) differs from “commercial” tourism mainly because of its more important objective, namely to collaborate with humanitarian projects, and to have prices generally 25% to 40% lower than those practiced by the market.

CIAF created the STP as a way of generating funds for the maintenance of its projects and humanitarian actions.

In the social segment of the PTS, the humanitarian actions that can be included are developed in the cities of Recife, Ribeirão Preto and Brasilia, and the tourist segment of the trip can be in the city of the country, being at the discretion of the client.

Who can join this project? Any major citizen who complies with the protocols indicated by the Brazilian legislation aimed at obtaining the tourist visa.

The direct participation of the tourist in the humanitarian activities of the PTS is not obligatory, and it is up to each one to make the choice to include them or not in its program of travel.

Through the PTS you go sightseeing in a tropical country, beautiful beaches, rich folklore, exotic cuisine and above all you collaborate with humanitarian actions by exercising their citizenship.