Event participation:

We always participate in events organized by other NGOs or the government because we believe it is important to share with others and especially to share experiences between professionals.

Organization of conferences:

They aim to promote the enrichment of professional working in child protection. We always invite renowned French professionals.


International exchange allows us to compare us to other realities, to address some different themes and solving difficulties, while revealing a beneficial experience for our professionals.

Meetings Organisation:

Thesegatherings are intended to enable the meeting of new partners, to provide accounts for the development of actions completed, to decide on the application of possible financial remedies, and to better educate the professionals.

Event realization:

To promote the activities of ICFS, other NGOs and different communities, various events are organised.


The benefits are for users of the ICFS; these moments can be both recreational and informative (coinciding with national and internationalcommemorations dates).