On the advice of Professor Lizete Lins de Oliveira, Sister Priscille ROY of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd of Quebec, organized the first contacts in Montreal and Quebec.

This meeting paid off: the support of the Roncalli Foundation allowed ICFS to create a musical band and a school restaurant, and then set up a foundation to support ICFS in its actions against Sex Tourism Children: The Jyotis Foundation.

After three years of exchanges with the help of Mr. Georges Mariz (Bayou Brazil restaurant), we exposed our work and formed a group: ICFS Canada, led by Paula Abreu and Priscila Correa.

The ICFS has adopted this saying: “where there is a Brazilian, there is music. Following the intervention of Monica Freire, who put us in touch with “the young musicians of the world”, we were able to start the music school of ICFS. “The music resonates with Ribeirão Preto, and the school is in good hands,” CIA Minaz told us.

In fact, we can observe that, like Ciaf Saint Denis, ICFS Canada was created with the main objective of promoting international exchange.