In December of 2014, after visiting a cancer patients support house helped by a San Luis Marista High School, the Engineer Mario Flávio, the ex-students from the Marist School and from the Medicine and Medical Sciences College, Wilson Lins de Oliveira Junior and Antonio Trindades Henriques Neto, decided to start a financial support group, constituted by friends from both institutions and named it CIAF-Recife, as it would be run with funds from CIIAF, which would evaluated and oversee the use of the use of the resources.

Sons of God Support House – For many months CIAF-Recife helped in paying for the energy and water bills, but, after the House moved to another location where another NGO also operated, some mandatory adjustments were required and the House failed in complying, which turn unfeasible for us to maintain the financial support.

Continuing its actions in defense of children and youth rights, after visits and assessments, CIAF identified as possible beneficiary the Paulo de Tarso Home, institution which provides shelter for 15 children under legal protection.

Paulo de Tarso Home- at first, the help consisted of donating a freeer and afterwards through a partnership which included the payment of water and electricity bills. Currently, we are evaluating the possibility of acquiring a psychotropic drug for a child and paying school for other two, who could get vacancy in public schools, so that they will keep studying.

Carrying on our humanitarian drive, as requested by two ex Marist students, José Araújo Neto e Roberto S.B. Matos, CIAF has made first contacts with two nurseries for elderlies.